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You will have the chance to get to the Costa Brava from the sea.

Enjoy the extraordinary richness of nature, located at our expense with the tranquility and safety of cruise ships that sail along the Costa Brava.

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Find out more about this unique experience!

Explore the Costa Brava in a unique and exciting way aboard a cruise and enjoy the impressive nature of our coast.

Fall in love with the Costa Brava from the sea!

Fall in love with the Costa Brava from the sea!

Contemplate the coast from the sea while you delight in the majesty of its cliffs and its golden sand beaches.

Discover hidden coves, hidden caves and idyllic places that can only be appreciated from the sea.

Enjoy a unique experience!

Enjoy a unique experience!

Cruise excursions are an unforgettable experience for the whole family, couples or groups of friends. With expert guides and entertainment on board, you'll never get bored!

Do not miss this unique opportunity to enjoy the Costa Brava from the sea.

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